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Credit card – remittance/EFT – PayPal – Bondy Global Prefinance system

You can safely use credit card in SSL certificate and 3D Secure System are already existing in our site. Your card details never kept by the system even, we can not see your card details as SSL certificate immediately puts special code on it. Accordingly, nobody can copy or use your card.

The payment page has been prepared with special code and maximum security. This coding system prevents unauthorized person to obtain information from the computer. For more information related to the security system, please click here.





You can realize your payments on line,by using credit card.

Please choose “credit card” option at “payment method” section, on the purchasing page. Please fill in the necessary areas. This page is being protected by SSL SECURITY CERTIFICATE.



You can realize your payments on line, by remittance/EFT system or cash, in our shops.

Please choose “remittance/EFT” option at “payment method” section, on the purchasing page. Finalize your order placing by choosing your bank which you will us e for the remittance/EFT. Please do not forget to mention your “order number” on the description area of the page. This page is being protected by SSL SECURITY CERTIFICATE.


You can use following banks/account numbers to realize the remittance/EFT

TL Bank Accounts:
YAPI KREDİ BANK - SULTANHAMAM BRANCH - ACCOUNT NO:055 91389468 - IBAN:TR73 0006 7010 0000 0091 3894 68 - BIC Code / Swift Code: YAPITRISFEX
İŞ BANK - SULTANHAMAM BRANCH - ACCOUNT NO: 1048 1539044 - IBAN:TR38 0006 4000 0011 0481 5390 44 - BIC Code / Swift Code: ISBKTRIS
GARANTİ BANK - EMİNÖNÜ BRANCH - ACCOUNT NO:705 6295025 - IBAN:TR05 0006 2000 7050 0006 2950 25 - BIC Code / Swift Code: TGBATRIS
ANADOLUBANK - SULTANHAMAM BRANCH - ACCOUNT NO: 9260 116993-6 - IBAN:TR31 0013 5000 0000 1169 9300 06 - BIC Code / Swift Code: ANDLTRIS
AKBANK - SULTANHAMAM BRANCH - ACCOUNT NO: 16 92205 - IBAN:TR95 0004 6000 1688 8000 0922 05 - BIC Code / Swift Code: AKBKTRIS

USD Bank Accounts:

YAPI KREDİ BANKASI - SULTANHAMAM BRANCH - ACCOUNT NO: 055 87732102 - IBAN:TR45 0006 7010 0000 0087 7321 02 - BIC Kodu / Swift Kodu: YAPITRIS

İŞ BANKASI - SULTANHAMAM BRANCH - ACCOUNT NO: 1048 647366 - IBAN:TR03 0006 4000 0021 0480 6473 66 - BIC Kodu / Swift Kodu: ISBKTRIS
GARANTİ BANKASI EMİNÖNÜ BRANCH - - ACCOUNT NO: 705 9089434 - IBAN:TR84 0006 2000 7050 0009 0894 34 - BIC Kodu / Swift Kodu: TGBATRIS

EURO Bank Accounts:

YAPI KREDİ BANKASI - SULTANHAMAM BRANCH - ACCOUNT NO: 055 87777870 - IBAN:TR89 0006 7010 0000 0087 7778 70 - BIC Kodu / Swift Kodu: YAPITRIS

For your Russia deliviries;

ООО "Бонди Глобал" - ИНН/КПП 7722861650/772201001
р/с 40702810400000514101 - Банк «Зираат Банк(Москва)»(ЗАО)
БИК 044525116 - к/с 30101810700000000116



You can realize your payments by PAYPAL.

Please choose “PayPol” option at “payment method” section, on the purchasing page. You will be guided to PayPol for the payment, as soon as you confirm your order. This page is being protected by the “SSL SECURITY CERTIFICATE”

PayPal is a relatively secure online system that can be utilized without using any credit card. You can send and receive money in 25 different currencies, including Turkish Lira, by using PayPal.

You can only once, enter your credit card contents in to the system then make your payments without sharing your credit card contents with the sellers. The only thing you will be in need of is, seller’s e-mail address.

Your financial information is never shared with the sellers.

You will be protected in case of any undelivered orders.

You will be protected in case of any unauthorized payments.

Each payment is being confirmed by an e-mail message.



This is a special payment system which BondyGlobal presents to it’s customers.

By this system; BondyGlobal offers to the customers a possibility of making certain percentage of the payment “at the final country”. By this method; customer will make certain part of the payment (which is described as “quota” and will be declared by BondyGlobal), as soon as the cargo reaches to the final country. In case the order amount exceeds the quota; remaining portion that exceeds quota will be collected at the time of placing the order.


PayPal Ödeme Seçenekleri


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