About Us

Bondy Global opens a gate to the World Lingerie Market

Bondy Global is a kind of formation that organizes the sales and marketing activities of it’s member brands . The main aim is to supply fastest trends and services to the customers to be able to cope with the increasing number of suppliers and products.
The main task of this formation is; to utilize it’s 20 years of domestic and international sales / marketing experience, in favor of the suppliers and buyers, in terms of giving global fast service by gathering them at the main source. Such fruitful business relation of course, leads Bondy Global to extend it’s activities to different countries of the World.  

İstanbul based “Kanpolat Textile Co.” has been established in 1998 as a manufacturer of nightgowns and satin pyjamas, is also the principal of “Bondy Global” formation. KANPOLAT is active in exporting to 40 different countries, under “BONDY” and “BUSE” brands.

As a result of globalization; competition has been increasing day by day and Bondy Global is ready to take place in such race; by supplying correct, fast and up to date services, thanks to it’s capability of contemporary marketing and information technologies.

Bondy Global is also expanding it’s product range by adding new brands to it’s structure.

For the suppliers;

One of the main targets of this project is to carry the value of the Turkish brands to international markets. Accordingly; the suppliers whom has different models, follows the trends, produces quality products with big capacities, fulfils it’s obligations related to delivery terms and conditions are essential.

Another advantage which Bondy Global provides for the suppliers is to decrease their international marketing budget, by realizing such activities in the frame of a group study.

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